Monday, July 8, 2013

School of Life

 (Disclaimer:  this is meant to be fun and light...but very true to my life in Recovery.  I never really took being an adult as something that applied to me)

Not sure when this happened, but I guess I am bonafide adult.
Bill paying, law abiding, and responsible ADULT. 
These are some of the fundamental life lessons I have been learning in the past 9 or so months. 
It's ok to rest. No actually, it's not ok.  It is good and necessary.
Because sometimes, you just need to step away from it all.  And have a great cup of coffee or a night in. 

Home is where you  
hang your hat,  
lay your head 
eat your meals.  
And it matters what these meals consist of.  Fast food for every meal just is not ok anymore. And this is part of growing up, but more than that, taking care of my body. 
This is a topic for a later time, but God is doing big things....BIG THINGS in my heart about this. 

Consistency is priceless.
There is something about it that I haven't put my finger on yet. 

Life is messy this side of Heaven. And it is ok to be wrong, and even admit it. 
Because Jesus died for our messy lives. Messiness means that we stand in desperate need of grace.  It is good for me to swallow my pride from time to time everyday. 

And the hardest one....

I am not the sun.  
If it were up to me in my little world, I reckon the planets would orbit differently.  The world does revolve around something, but it is not me.

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