Thursday, July 25, 2013

That Orange Moon

Alarm goes off at 4:30.  I got up at 5:23.  
My face is more broken out than a 15 year old girl going through puberty.  So much so, that makeup isn't an option.
Go to work feeling all off kilter and not very pretty. 
Wednesdays are a closed-office day...whew.  I can get some stuff done. Nope.  Forgot I scheduled interviews all day.  No makeup, mind you.

The rain.  Oh, the rain!  Fighting to stay awake.  Coffee Well's "Jamaican Me Crazy" flavored coffee should give me the jolt I need.  

Work day is over.  Apartment is a mess.  Cooked dinner and it was terrible.  Scarf some of it down because...well, I need to eat.  Company comes by.  Horrible hair day and to make matters worse, I see two very, very shiny gray hairs beaming. Get to church...finally.

Then I start wondering if I will make it to the gym after church (because if I don't this will be my new pattern and I will think it is ok not to go to the gym everyday!!) or if I should go home and clean with my new magic eraser mop. A million things are running through my mind.  

My pastor then leads us in a time of prayer.  We pray through 4 verses in Jude.  How I needed that time to seek my Father's face!  And get outside of myself in my little world. The focus has completely been on me. 

A friend from college came to church and it was so nice to sit down and hear what God has been doing in her heart since we saw each other years ago.  

Go to the gym.  No shoes in my gym bag.  

Go home, start cleaning.  Fold the mound of laundry on my couch.
Feeling a little more settled, I plop down on my chase lounge.

While I am eating my popcorn for dinner (DID YOU HEAR THAT?  POPCORN FOR DINNER!!!!), I realize how ridiculous my thought process has been.  And how unfocused I am.   

"Be still..." (Psalm 46:10)

While talking to a friend, she tells me to look at the moon...the bright, neon orange moon. Gorgeous. 

After we hung up, I just sat in my favorite chair and stared out my window at the moon.  And thought about God's faithfulness, even in the midst of what seems to be my chaos. Something about that moon brought me back to his faithfulness to me, his daughter who had sought security and satisfaction everywhere (other than him)

"I am the same.  Yesterday.  Today.  Forever." (Hebrews 13:8)

So many things are fighting for our hearts.  Whether it be time, vanity, our own sense of control, or "our plans".

But there is only one thing that cannot be taken from me. (Luke 10:42)

He wanted me to sit.  At his feet.  Like Mary. 
The whole "Martha" thing comes more natural to me than I'd like to admit.  
That is why I must fight to sit at Jesus' feet.

God used his people yesterday to help slow me down.  A reminder of why I must submerge myself in his church.  And his people. In discipleship. In edifying relationships.

He also used his creation.  That orange moon.  

 So, it really was ok for me not to wear makeup, feel not-so-pretty, have a messy apartment, eat popcorn for dinner, and skip a day at the gym.  Because he was calling me, through all of that, to sit at his feet.   

And to KNOW that he is God. 


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